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Djinn Ancient Marid With GRIFFIN Powers! Unlimited Wishes Duel-Powers!

Djinn Ancient Marid With GRIFFIN Powers! Unlimited Wishes Duel-Powers!

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Beautiful Ring! Gold Metal and Onyx. Size 9.5
Tried tested and Proven to be 100% Effective! Does not need to be worn to experience the Magick. We also offer "Transfer Bags" to easily move Magick from one item to another. (See "Options" at checkout for discounts!) Paperwork will be mailed with the Vessel.

Djinn are Spiritual beings of intense Energy manifestations--channeling the natural elements. Those elements, naturally, are earth, fire, water, and air. Each of these elements are broken down into four classifications:
The Marid djinn represent water,
the Ifrit represent fire,
the Jann represent earth,
and the Shaitan represent air


**This INCREDIBLY POWERFUL HIGHEST ECHELON DJINN is housed in this stunning Vessel. HIS name will be sent to the new owner only! This Master Djinn is a rarity amongst the rare. HE is a Duel-Unity Djinn. A Duel-Unity Djinn has ABSOLUTE astounding Wish-Granting Properties and also a secondary source of Power. It's like a vehicle with two gas tanks!!  HE is sourced by the Realm Of Djinn Powers and also by the Realm of the Mystical and awe Inspiring GRIFFIN. A HUGELY admired and coveted creature that rises from the ashes to re-invent itself. Magick is real and harnessed by THE GREAT GRIFFIN SPIRIT.

The Griffin is a Spirit of SAVAGENESS AGAINST ENEMIES. They will show no mercy unless you specifically request it. HE will use this extreme force of the Griffin to secure you with boundless wealth.  Griffin energies are formidable and WILL GET YOU EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT. he is FAST! He WILL BE YOUR PROTECTOR. He will increase your skills as a practitioner of Magick, for the New Owner is destined to be of High Caliber potential. The Duel-Unity Djinn does not go to anyone less!! We only have a few, they are the Crem de la Creme and I couldn't recommend THIS POWERFUL DJINN highly enough! Good Luck and Many Blessings. Anna. 

THIS MASTER DJINN is not a Mix of Djinn and GRIFFIN, but he Channels THE GREAT WINGED GRIFFIN Powers. He has EARNED THIS RIGHT. It is not a Given. To earn the right to become a Duel-Unity Djinn the Djinn must have successfully served 100 Masters and brought them all that they desired. Whence the Djinn has proven His dedication and skill, He is granted these extra powers. HE Will GRANT YOUR WISHES, and with the power of the GRIFFIN he will literally transform your life with gifts of wealth, protection and great fortune including health and happiness. A GRIFFIN is EXTREMELY RARE AND POWERFUL some say there is only ever one Griffin in existence at one time.  But this is SPIRIT GRIFFIN, THE ENERGY SOURCE AND DIRECT CHANNEL. The Winged Griffin will re-invent your life, and fill it with joy and wonder. Each day anew adventure and a new beginning. Channeling this Power is a very special privilege. There are only a few vessels known to channel the Griffin. This channeling is valued by collectors at $100,000.00. Basically we're giving it to you! HE will increase your skills as a practitioner of Magick, for the New Owner is destined to be of High Caliber potential. The Duel-Unity Djinn does not go to anyone less!! We only have a few, they are the Crem de la Creme and I couldn't recommend this opportunity highly enough!

Up until now, Margo from the Coven Of Union has been conducting séances featuring the rainbow Djinn. She has been called away on important matters, so is not available (at this present time) to read the vessels. The information below will be my own interpretations, and those given to me by the AMAZING AND TALENTED Madam Crawley. The Rainbow Djinn are VERY POWERFUL. In these coming days I highly recommend that you acquire at least one Rainbow Djinn. They work famously with other Djinn and are great peacemakers not only amongst other Magickal Entities but your own family, too. They will bring harmony, comfort, and a deep feeling of calmness. Stress will be washed away as if it never existed, and you will find a harmonious connection the the Cosmic Forces that create all that was, is and will be!

If you already have a Djinn from another Magickal Seller that is not behaving or not granting your wishes, a RAINBOW DJINN will convince him or her to be a team player, and get the job done! The Rainbow Djinn act as Captains, and Organizers. If you have a family of Entities and they are not as productive as you'd wish, it's possible they are squabbling, or counteracting each other in someway. A Rainbow Djinn will create the good will and happy atmosphere that is needed to deflate egos, and get the Entities to work as a cohesive unit.This includes, other Djinn, Fae, Vampires, Daemons, Dragons, Unicorns, even Angelic Beings--basically all kinds of spirits.

They are the most Ancient of Djinn and MASTERS in the art of "Wish-Granting" Each Djinn that is in our possession has a MASSIVE and IMPRESSIVE HISTORY. We have been instructed that since Margo is no longer available to read the vessels, the Djinn will present their history to their new owners via dreams and visions. We will be seeing  a lot more of this as the year progresses, as you the Seekers grow stronger and more assured of your own powers. We do ask that you stay in touch with us, and let us know the histories of these MIGHTY WISH-GRANTING DJINN, as we will add the information to our records. Many Blessings. Anna.


This vessel has also been blessed with a Fortuitous and Enigmatic Spell from the Book Of Van Doren. It was cast by the entire Coven Of Union and is called THE DECADENT DECADE SPELL. It is to ensure that the coming decade is filled with Luxuries and Opulence. It will bring this fortune about in a "white-manner" meaning that there will be no ill-repercussions, and that this Decadence will bring you happiness and contentment. Unlike those who seek decadence and find it hollow and meaningless--the owner of this spell will get there the right way-keeping a level head and drawing good people and true happiness to them and their loved ones, always.

The New Soul-Mate Of this Incredible Djinn will receive full instructions and an easy to understand Invocation Ritual.

Please read below to learn more about the incredible Kaame-Rad and the Rainbow Djinn. This is a RARE Opportunity to be partnered with one of these intuitive and POWERFUL DJINN. Don't miss this. There are not many Rainbow Djinn and when they are gone there will be no more. So act now and secure the presence of A Rainbow Djinn in your life. You will never regret it.

Yes, Genies of the Scripture and Folklore are painted as formidable characters, but in reality, this depiction of them has become popular only because of their immense Power. They can take many forms, and will never betray their human. They also cannot be made to do Negative acts. Your Djinn will be the most powerful Spirit Guide and Wish Granter that you could ever dream of!
Note: in the picture above the artist has channeled the vision of a Rainbow surrounding the Djinn. The Rainbow Djinn have long been anticipated in Visions and Dreams. Claim your Djinn and let your life BEGIN!

What you will read below is the transcription of a reading performed by Madam Elizabeth Crawley involving an incredible encounter with the great Genie Conjurer Kaame-Rad. Madam Crawley is the most eminent and sought after medium in Wiccan circles world-wide.

First, here is a summary compiled by Madam Crawley so that you might understand immediately the Magnitude and Importance of what you are about to learn. Please read on, and see if you are involved in this Magickal discovery.

The Genies of the Rainbow: They are Genies who have been waiting, some of them many thousands of years to be reunited with their Masters.

Many life-times may have passed and to earthly companions most things are forgotten when a particular life-time ends. On return for a new life, the slate has been wiped. But yet, these bonds are so strong, that there will be a slight "knowing" the slightest inkling of familiarity, or perhaps an inexplicable pull in the direction of the spoken entity.

Please listen to your heart, and if you feel drawn to one of these Djinn make your statement and let destiny take it's course. The Djinn will call you and give you the desire to discover it if your souls are bonded. The fact you are hear now is already an indication that you may be being "pulled" this way.

Much like spirit guides, this Djinn will be a soul you have known before. They may or may not have been Djinn to you in past incarnations, although their essence would always have been that of fire-less smoke. Perhaps previously they had manifested to you as a family member, or a friend of extreme close nature, or maybe you were lovers inseparable though time.

These Djinn are waiting, and now the door has been discovered, and they can be helped through. These Djinn are familiars. They have reasons, deep reasons to serve the ones they love. Some of them are more forthcoming about their reasons than others, but all are ready to be re-united with their long-lost soul mates.

They are free-spirited, loving, and powerful beyond compare--Wish-Granting Djinn of the highest realm. Could one of these Djinn be searching for you?

Please study the pictures, and witness any emotions, or desires that you feel. It is not possible for these entities to go to the wrong place, so trust your heart, bid and let fate answer your questions.


The Speaking Entity is that of KAAME-RAD EMINENT GENIE CONJURER

Fortnight gone and still nothing but ice and winds and from the great gorge in the heavens my eye remains constant on the beckoning rainbow before me. It is a trying journey, as the rainbow, though it's call is constant, is always just from my reach.

Ah, ha, but I sense the time is finally coming.

Sing loftily brilliant colored one, I am coming down your road.

The rainbow is a prism of light, and whence inside all is bright. Here we shine, here we glow, here there is nothing wanting. And I see clearly now that the end of the rainbow is but the beginning.

As I walk the rainbow, I feel it move. I sense it is alive. Yet my own earth-bound senses do not fully comprehend such a creature of color and Magick, such wisps of heavenly light. But yet I can sense here is definite life. I can sense this with the subtleties of my soul . Here I will stay to make friends with this creature of color we call the rainbow.

I find soon enough that the rainbow is of a spirit type I know dearly. The Rainbow is a flowing incarnation of Okantaka Djinn energy. This should not surprise me, as I have seen before that things we take for granted are really of life-energies other than our own. Ancient she is. Ancient and the source of beauty in flowers and all these other things our senses consider compelling. She has chosen to serve, but as of yet, I know not the details.

And so, days pass by in bliss and now an even greater knowledge has been disclosed to me. I have come across a most wonderful discovery. This Rainbow Djinn is guardian and refuge for many displaced Royal Okantaka Genies. I knew there was reason for me to be here other than to witness the Glory of nature and dimensionality.

The Rainbow energy has been longing now for some thousands of years to help find the loved ones of these Djinn. For these creatures are not enslaved, but driven by love. Depraved by separation over life-times, they seek to be reunited with the ones they have lost. Life-times have past but the Djinn spirits wait patiently to couple again with their bonded ones. And so I will remain here until each and every one of these Magickal beings has found the one it seeks.


About Kaame-Rad
Eminent Djinn Conjurer

     Great seekers have spent whole life-times wondering and searching for this mysterious and elusive man (if you can call him that). The unparalleled talents of Kaame-Rad have been whispered about and yearned for unmongst the greatest inner circle Practitioners of Magick. The discovering of this man’s whereabouts was perhaps my father’s greatest moment.

        My father (Professor Richmond) is unsurpassed as the leading authority on Genie Lore and the occult sciences. 30 years as a renowned scholar and treasure hunter, he was a Professor of Parapsychology, Mythology, Egyptology, Medieval Literature and the Occult Sciences at UCLA. He also conducted psychic research for covert governmental agencies. Most of all he was relentless in his pursuit of Kaame-Rad. There are many who claim to be conjurers, and I dare say some of them are genuine, but NO other was ever as powerful or sought after as the great Kaame-Rad (Persian for Lord Of Wishes).

        The prophecies say that the genies conjured by the Lord Of Wishes are to be used for the fast approaching time pivotal in man’s evolution. Kaame-Rad is over 500 years of age and has existed solely on water from a spring near Lake Urmia in northwestern Iran (between the provinces of East Azarbaijan and West Azarbaijan).

        Here is a section from my father’s journal.
        “Day 13 of nothing but water. Kaame-Rad declares daily that “Purity of body evokes purity of mind,” then he laughs. His laugh carries on the wind like tinkling bells. But he’s right. I can hardly believe how positively well I feel. Just being around this man (if it’s correct to call him that), seems to eradicate any need for food. His energy mesmerizes me. Every precious day I thank the Lord above for granting me the privilege of meeting this great Conjurer of the mighty Djinn. Kaame-Rad appears to be something between man and spirit. I daresay he is divine. Today I saw him invoke a Genie so powerful that the very ground shook. I saw a huge orange mist which suddenly, and in a shockingly fast motion, turned into a tornado-like formation and then, twirling furiously it entered into the ring that Kaame-Rad held in the palm of his hand. I was shaking, and still am as I write these words.”

        It is believed by all great scholars and writers of Djinn lore and history that Kaame-Rad (The Lord Of Wishes) is himself the Genie King turned man. This is thought to be true since he alone can conjure from any Jinn Realm including The Ream Of Okantaka--the most highest and powerful order of Djinn.

        After performing this last service to mankind, Kaame-Rad disappeared. My father suspected he either retreated further into the East Azarbaijan Mountains, or transformed himself back into fire energy to journey home to the Realm Of Okantaka. There are only a few of these pieces, and they are the most precious of my father’s collection. If you desire a Djinn of un-parrelled Wish-Granting properties, I urge you to act now!

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You now have the option of Madam Crawley CUSTOM ALIGNING the Vessel to "fit you like a glove!" She will fully tune and align the spell to match your exact vibrations and aura. This Vessel is of the highest caliber imaginable, and this extra little touch will send its Magick into Turbo-Charged! A TOTAL FINE TUNING OF ENERGIES! The result will be FASTER Magick! This is completely exciting to me, and the first thing I did when I heard about this was send a whole SLEW of my own Magickals to her for Personalized Energy Alignment! This type of Personal Energy Alignment would cost a small fortune elsewhere.
You will see the option when you go to add the Vessel to your shopping cart. We will need your FULL NAME, DATE & PLACE OF BIRTH. (Please add this info to the "QUESTIONS" box while confirming your order.)
The Alignment is only $29.99. Basically a Give Away Price! Please note, Madam Crawley is very diligent and conscientious in her spell casting. She is offering this service as a "REMOTE" option which means it won't hold up the delivery of your item. Plus, you can also choose to have it done later, or on previously purchased items.

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4x6 Purple Satin Bag. Hand Printed in Silver with the words "Madam Crawley's
Transfer Bag."

For those of you unfamiliar with Madam Elizabeth Crawley--she is considered among the inner Magickal Circles (especially in Europe) as the utmost authority on all things paranormal. She is also a profound and ultra-talented Spell Caster. Madam Crawley can cast POWERFUL spells for just about anything. She is High Priestess of The Coven Of Union. Prior to Madam Crawley's assent to High Priestess, Mrs. McTavish held the position. Mrs. McTavish has since passed over, but we do have some of her Spell-Cast Vessels still available for interested Collectors. Madam Crawley lives in England and the pieces she sends me are mostly jewelry. Some new, some very old. We are Original Sellers of haunted and Spell-Cast items; our feedback and reputation has remained IMMACULATE over the 15 years we have been offering our services online! Every day I receive letters and emails from our happy customers telling us of huge lotto wins, massive business successes, loves won, boundaries broken, illnesses cured, and the list goes on and on and on!! I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world to be involved with this Magick and to be a vital instrument in getting this Magick to the right place. The Spells, Vessels and Customer Care you will receive are SUPERIOR!!! Our Customers are Chosen Ones. We know that Destiny has brought us together and you are of the utmost importance to us. This is why we go to all lengths to make sure you are thrilled and happy with your Magickals. We will do WHATEVER it takes!

Madam Crawley & The Coven do not want to charge a lot for these spells as it is VITAL to share their Magick with the ordinary folk who need it the most. Many of these Vessels are DESTINY Pieces, and are already chosen for you by fate; they already lay in your destiny's path and are simply waiting for you to collect them. This is VERY EXCITING MAGICK & VERY EXCITING TIMES. AND I AM SO THRILLED THAT WE HAVE FOUND EACH OTHER.

I've simply fallen in love with her with Madam Crawley and so will YOU. I've never met a more enlightened, generous and powerful lady in my whole life. Obviously she is very old, but treats life with so much joy and passion... She has truly taught me to see every day as a special miracle.
I have personally been privileged enough to witness Madam Crawley Spell-Casting first hand--the love, care and concentration she puts into it is completely AWE-INSPIRING. Madam Crawley is a Master at Lunar Phasing, Tarot, Herbs and all types of spell formations. She is a Medium, and Psychic, and a natural gifted and technically trained Witch. She HAS IT ALL! For so many years now I have witnessed and been the recipient of her WONDROUS MAGICK and I cannot express how honored, thrilled and completely MAGNETIZED I am by this BRILLIANT lady.
I do just want to say there is much more information available on Madam Crawley if you look through our other listings as well. You will find many accounts, and incidents in these descriptions. It's just too much data for me to go through and compile for now, but please do read the listings; they are not just about the items, but also have a lot of valuable information in them.

The Coven is always based in a rural part of England. It has recently been based in Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex. The Coven moves occasionally to maintain secrecy of actual location. The name COVEN OF UNION is a pseudonym, to protect the identity of those witches who choose to remain anonymous. The Coven Of Union is the "hub" of Europe's underground society of Wiccan and Pagan Magickal Arts. This includes White Magick (Wiccan) and Gray Magick (Pagan). Neither of these branches are related to Black Magick.

White Magick is the most pure and holistic form of Magick and has a beautiful settling effect on all who come in contact with it. It cleanses and aligns energies holistically. White Magick uses the recipients own energies and aligns and guides those energies with the required patterns to achieve harmony and the intended outcome of the spell.

Gray Magick is far older and more rare that White Magick. Pagan Magick originates thousands of years B.C. and was all but eradicated by the advent of Christianity. In the church's attempts to wipe out Paganism they took many of the Pagan Symbols and Deities and "Demonized" them. For instance the popular image of the Christian Devil is really a "Demonization" of the Pagan Horned God, Baphomet, who was not evil but a true Deity and worshiped for thousands of years as the male counterpart of the Mother Goddess.

The Coven Of Union is comprised of The Top Thirteen most accomplished, revered and talented Witches in Europe. Together they practice Pagan Grey Magick & Wiccan White Magick. These are the most qualified, caring and fascinating women you could ever wish to meet. I have witnessed their wonders first-hand, and cannot even express how excited I am that they requested me to share their Magick with you. THIS IS A VERY SPECIAL TIME.
For those of you unfamiliar with the coming of the New Age, it is also known as: The Golden Dawn. The world will be upturned, and everything will change. But don't fear, just remember, every time a door closes another one opens, and you'll be there, ready to walk through into the New Golden Age. YOUR TIME TO SHINE!!


FREE USA SHIPPING.  Recently International shipping cost doubled from $6.55 to $12.50 so we will now be splitting the cost with our International customers with a $6.55 International shipping fee. All Combined items will be FREE. 
Items will be shipped first class mail. I will do my best to get your item out within 48 hours of payment. Holidays and special occasions may cause a delay. Having said that, I often post the same day as payment.


One of the pictures we took during my last visit with Madam Crawley in England.

Please check our other listings to learn more! My father, now passed, was a treasure hunter, and Madam Crawley along with being an EXPERT SPELL-CASTER, is also a WORLD-CLASS MEDIUM. She has been asked to do readings on the pieces in my father's collection. I've simply fallen in love with Madam Crawley and you will, TOO! I've never met a more enlightened, generous and powerful lady in my whole life. She is VERY old, but treats life with so much joy and passion... She has truly taught me to see every day as a special miracle.

As for me--I take very much pride in what I am doing, and I consider myself blessed to be acquainted with such important figures in the Wiccan community. I package all the items carefully and treat my customers with total respect. This is a very serious venture to me--I KNOW Magic is real as it has played an enormous role in my life. I wish to share with the world the bounty of Magick that is available to those who seek it.

My name is Anna, please contact me if you have any questions  

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Most of our clientele are repeat customers.

Please be sure to come back and leave us feedback. Thank you and Many Blessings!



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