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Female Pollinating Faery ~ Custom Conjured! The Royal Fae. Haunted Irel's Collection.

Female Pollinating Faery ~ Custom Conjured! The Royal Fae. Haunted Irel's Collection.

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Female Pollinating Faery Fairy ~ Custom Conjured! The Royal Fae. Haunted Irel's Collection.

Madam Crawley will Custom Conjure a Female Pollinating Faery into this Magnificent Vessel! She will be chosen especially for YOU! This is a Destiny Conjuring, meaning the two of you are MEANT TO BE! And this moment has been waiting to happen :)  Please email me after you receive Your Vessel and I shall give you the name of your Faery and answer any questions you have! (I will include my email address along with all the paperwork inside the package)

Stunning Rose Quartz and Sparkling White Topaz in a gorgeous "Lattice" setting. Stamped Sterling Silver. Size 8. This breathtaking piece is does not need to be worn to experience the Power and Magick.

By now you have probably heard of the "Coming Of The New Age" Madam Crawley is highly involved in preparing for this historical time, and so are many others. Biddy Early was aware of this "Coming Of The New Age" and of course so was Irel Flannery (Biddy Early's only descendant) From Irel Flannery's Collection of Magick, we are now ready to offer you these magnificent entities. Some people are under the impression Fae/Fairies are light creatures with not much power. I have to set you straight IMMEDIATELY. This is NOT THE CASE. They are MAGNIFICENTLY POWERFUL, and the type of Fae in this collection, are EASILY as powerful as Djinn. They have no dark elements, but are as adept at wish granting, and far more intuitive than creatures of fire-less smoke. I am talking in general here; as of course there are always exceptions. However, this kind of Fae is known as POLLINATING FAE. They will work on your behalf constantly. Once you "own" a Fae, it will never leave you to serve other Masters. These Pollinating Fae are DEVOTED, LOYAL, FRIENDLY, they adore children and they are Ultimately MAGICKAL AND POWERFUL.

I'm sorry this description is so long, but I feel obliged and excited to share all this information with you. I am constantly amazed at this process I am involved with. Just when I think I understand all that's happening, something else comes along and I'm totally in AWE again! Madam Crawley who is fast approaching 100 years old, laughed when I told her this and said that she still experiences the same type of AWE, even today, even after all that she's seen.

This collection was acquired by a young girl named Nelly. What we know of her history is written below. After that you can read about what makes these Pollinating Fae/Sprites so POWERFUL, and why, if you are lucky enough to win one, YOUR LIFE WILL BE CHANGED FOR THE BETTER--FOREVER!!!

NELLY passed over at the young AGE of 22 so as to take her place on the SPIRIT COMMITTEE in preparation for the Coming Of The New Age. She has been gone some twenty years now.
No one on this side of the veil actually knows if Nelly's soul was really that of a human or a Faerie Being. For no one ever, before or since, has communicated with other-vibrational, other-dimensional folk the way she did! Nelly, who was assumed blind and partially deaf from birth, was found as a baby in Glastonbury woods, which, curiously enough is the most highly documented area for faerie activity in the entire world, and is also the site of the Arthurian Legends. The history of King Arthur is ripe with encounters of other-vibrational other-dimensional folk, faerie sightings and more. Such encounters are an everyday occurrence in this powerfully charged vortex area.

Discovered lying in a cot of leaves, Nelly was hospitalized, and over the years placed in various institutions. But, although Nelly didn't respond the way normal babies usually do, she WAS NOT BLIND, nor deaf. Eventually the doctors realized there was no physical reason for her oft-time un-coordinated behavior and that her affliction must be due to a mental condition. Later, she was examined by a top-notch Mind-Body physician who diagnosed her with Second Sight.  Nelly's visual problems came from seeing into OTHER DIMENSIONS. She would often become confused as to what existed in this physical realm, and what she was seeing on another realm.  This gift/condition allowed her to see other dimensional-beings and energies. She could also see people's auras and as a little child would grab at the aura rather than the person, creating the impression that she was visually impaired.

Although the first several years of Nelly's life were hard, she was always a happy, bouncy child, full of wonder and excitement. She lived in this manner because despite her supposed handicaps she knew things about life that most people will never know.  At age five she was adopted by the powerful Witch, Heather Rothchild, who was assigned to be Nelly's guardian, and to help the young girl on her Mission of Collection. After Heather passed away Irel Flannery became Nelly's carer.

Nelly's reason for being amongst us was revealed very early on. It was to collect and organize other-dimensional, other-vibrational entities, including Fairies, Sprites, Guides, Sylphs, and Angelic Spirits such as Seraphim, Ophanim etc. and to ready them for some future occasion. The Coming Of The New Age!

The most powerful Witches, Warlocks and Healers from around the world were advised of Nelly's whereabouts and over the years brought to her many types of Magickal artifacts, jewelry, bottles, and other curios for her to use as vessels for housing the other-dimensional, other-vibrational entities that were to be HELPERS, GUIDES AND WISH-GRANTERS for PEOPLE OF THE NEW ORDER.

Nelly has recently sent instructions from the other side of the veil that her MAGICKAL HELPERS must now begin the quest to find their homes and spiritual partners.



  It is suspected that a POLLINATING Faery is a cross between an AIR FAERIE and A BEE SPIRIT. Doesn't sound very glamorous at first, but think about how important the Bee is to the survival of the world as we know it!! These POLLINATING FAE are EXCEEDINGLY POWERFUL AND VERY, VERY RARE. You will most definitely be aware of your Faery's presence. This is ABSOLUTE.  You will either sense, see, or feel this presence very clearly. A Pollinating Fae may be sensed peripherally as a bright or subtle yellow moving light.

Note: it is believed that regular humans can sometimes see spirits and Faerie entities from the “corner” of their eyes because this is the most sensitive and least used part of the retina. The main part of the retina is “trained” to only focus on what’s in “our” dimension.

A POLLINATING FAERY will help his human companion by “stealing” qualities from the people they admire. This sounds strange at first, but for instance, if you admire someone deeply, perhaps for their drive for success, their confidence, their bravery, or whatever... Your Pollinating Faery will “steal” that quality from them and give it to YOU. But of course, the Faery is not actually “stealing.” It's POLLINATING! And this is how the Fae helps YOU GET WHAT YOU DESIRE, and at the same time helps mankind advance by making YOU a better, smarter more successful human. And when I say SUCCESSFUL, I MEAN SO SUCCESSFUL THAT YOU ARE INFLUENTIAL AT THE HIGHEST ECHELON OF SOCIETY!!! Yes, YOU WILL BE WEALTHY, RICH, ROLLING IN DOUGH, BUT ALSO RICH IN THE AREA OF SMARTS, WISDOM, AND TRUE ENLIGHTENMENT.

IT WORKS LIKE THIS: Your Pollinating Faery after having been given its instructions, disappears into the subjects psyche, and comes back in micro seconds with a seed of the quality you so admire. (It doesn't matter who they are, or if they're thousands of miles away...other-dimensional spirits have a much different reference of space-time than humans!) The person it is taken from is completely unaware and unharmed, and the Fae instinctively leaves behind a gift of good feeling as a type of payment, or kind gesture. Then very quickly the Fae GERMINATES the seed by rubbing it between their hands. For a moment, you might see a very tiny glowing orb. Your Faery then plants the seed into your psychic programming, and there it grows and VERY SOON becomes part of you. That quality or talent has just become YOURS TOO. JUST IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES!! You could have your Faery “steal” a Seed of Ambition from Madonna! Or a Seed of Business Savvy from Bill Gates! A Seed of Musical Talent from Andrew Lloyd Webber. THE SKY’S THE LIMIT!

 Your POLLINATING FAERY will take great pleasure in watching the seeds of quality grow, and will even offer suggestions to you—just like the perfect gardener—as to what other qualities might enhance the ones you already have. POLLINATING FAE do have instinctive knowledge as to which qualities are best for their human, but they Can not refuse a request, so it is actually possible for them to fetch a seed from someone’s bad quality if asked to do so--but because FAE cannot perform bad magick, this is what would happen: The Pollinating Fae would rub and rub the seed (energy ball) to begin the germination, but instead of the subtle glowing orb, there would be an audible (to the sensitive ear) POP and the sub-standard energy seed would disappear possibly leaving behind a slight sulfuric odor. Please do NOT do this intentionally. Should it happen, leave a spoon full of organic honey on the counter top at night and apologize!

 Excerpt from NELLY THE FAERY GATHERER'S inventory / diary: (I am informed that Nelly’s diaries took several years of careful deciphering and re-phrasing. Nelly’s own wording was evidently very ethereal and symbolic (it was also quite comically strewn with Norfolk localisms). This is an account of the first Pollinating Faery to be enlisted.

    "It was true! Georgette from Heather’s coven had said there was rumor of a pollinating faery at Blickling Hall. We got there and it was raining. We had a cup of tea and a scone with all the other tourists who were also waiting for the rain to stop. It didn't! So finally we took our umbrellas and ventured out into the rose garden. I spent ages searching amongst the roses for a sign of a Pollinating Faery while Heather held the umbrella over our heads. I've never seen so many roses. I began to get a sense that if this Faery was really here it would be back further in the trees, maybe even in the field beyond the Hall. We were out there in the drizzle for almost an hour, when suddenly there was a crack of thunder and a huge down pour started. Heather grabbed my arm and we ran back to the car. She said we’d have to try again another day.

    On the way home I put my hand in my pocket to get a handkerchief and when I pulled it out, there he was! He flew out of the hanky and perched on the rearview mirror. I could hardly believe it! Heather, naturally, couldn't tell what was going on, and thought I'd seen an animal in the road. She swerved to a stop. Finally I managed to tell her, “The Pollinating Faery! It hitchhiked in my Pocket!” It was quite funny, really, and Oh how gorgeous he is.

    His wings are like gossamer, and vibrate extremely fast. And he’s a lovely honey colored yellow and he has a thick pointed nose, and what looks like a little grin on his face most of the time.

    He told me that he'd been awaiting my arrival and wanted to surprise me. I told him great, but now after spending so long in the rain I have a cold. He said he'd soon fix that! He disappeared for a few moments, and then sure enough, my sniffly nose was suddenly clear as a bell. I don't know exactly what he did, but he’s a little genius that’s for sure.

    Palo has been buzzing around all over the place this evening. He whispered in my ear that he can hardly wait to get started. He is over one thousand years old, and has known about his involvement as being a helper in the New Coming since he was a baby

    Seems Palo has an insatiable sweet tooth. I found him hovering around the sugar bowl. I asked him if he wanted some and he happily took a grain. He advised me not to give in to him often or else he'll get too fat. He quickly followed that statement by saying,  “I do burn it off fast, though!”

    He picked out the ancient green-stoned money ring donated to us by Countess Maria. As soon as he adopted the ring as his new home, the stone turned a beautiful honey yellow. Now it seems to fluctuate in color.  It was magnificent to watch him burrowing into his new home, and I truly think Palo is happy there. The ring is a very powerful money ring and has kept Heather and me very well off she says. This has been an incredibly lucky day. I have an earnest feeling that there are more Pollinating Fae at Blickling Hall. I think this might be it. Tomorrow I shall tell Heather we must focus our attention upon the woods and gardens of the Hall. This is something very big."


Indeed, all of the Pollinating Sprite involved in the Coming Of The New Age were found at Blickling Hall by Nelly. The Faery that is waiting to be conjured for you is incredibly powerful and that means YOU are a chosen one.
I AM VERY PROUD TO PRESENT, The ~ ROYALS~ This is a small collection of Fae, that has been reserved for this particular phase in the Progression of the New Age. PURE DESTINY FAEIRES. You are to think of these Fae as not only wish granters, but also as Spirit Guides. These ~ROYALS~ Have all been specially chosen by the Secret Chiefs, and the Altlantean Leaders. These Fae have been prepared and tutored, and gifted with certain energies that only a Fae can transport from one side of the veil to the other. These Magical Energies are VITAL to your progression. Concentrating primarily on Wealth Energies, as this is the area all Chosen Ones must conquer first. So you can also think of these Royal Fae as "Wealth Fae." They will bring you PURE abundance in a fast and efficient way! Good Luck. Each of the Royal Fae has been appraised to be worth in excess of $850,000.00 by Professional Collectors Of Magick.

Many people ask me just how powerful can a Fairy be??? Let me tell you, for many people a Fae is the absolute answer they've been searching for. These are EXTREMELY POWERFUL CREATURES. They are not the dainty little fairytale characters we read about in books. Although they are beautiful and elegant, they can REALLY GET THINGS DONE FAST!  THIS IS THE PERFECT example of a high Echelon Fae that will get you everything you need and desire!



Your Pollinating Faery has an extraordinary gift, which has been refined over the centuries. You will be endowed with qualities you never thought possible. Specific qualities, any qualities that you admire in other people can now be YOURS with the help of this Pollinating Faery.
IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU UNDERSTAND just how incredibly VALUABLE AND RARE THIS POLLINATING MAGICK IS!!!!! For thousands of years, this type of MAGICK has been highly sought after amongst knowledgeable witches and practitioners of Magick throughout the entire world, and beyond! It is said that any real witch will pay a FORTUNE just for one strand of hair from a Pollinating Faery--which with the aid of a SEER they then Magickally divide into pieces to use in their best and most powerful potions.

As this Faeries partner you will be BLESSED FOREVER beyond your wildest dreams. The New Age is coming fast—The fact that you are reading these words indicate that you are probably a chosen one. ACT NOW! AND TAKE CLAIM OF YOUR OWN INCREDIBLE MAGICKAL POLLINATING FAERY.

~~~ OPTIONS ~~~
These are the Special OPTIONS available for you to choose from. You will see the Options Section at the top when you add this Vessel to your shopping cart.

You now have the option of Madam Crawley CUSTOM ALIGNING the Vessel to "fit you like a glove!" She will fully tune and align the spell to match your exact vibrations and aura. This Vessel is of the highest caliber imaginable, and this extra little touch will send its Magick into Turbo-Charged! A TOTAL FINE TUNING OF ENERGIES! The result will be FASTER Magick! This is completely exciting to me, and the first thing I did when I heard about this was send a whole SLEW of my own Magickals to her for Personalized Energy Alignment! This type of Personal Energy Alignment would cost a small fortune elsewhere.
You will see the option when you go to add the Vessel to your shopping cart. We will need your FULL NAME, DATE & PLACE OF BIRTH. (Please add this info to the "QUESTIONS" box while confirming your order.)
The Alignment is only $29.99. Basically a Give Away Price! Please note, Madam Crawley is very diligent and conscientious in her spell casting. She is offering this service as a "REMOTE" option which means it won't hold up the delivery of your item. Plus, you can also choose to have it done later, or on previously purchased items.

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You can only get this Special HALF-PRICE offer if you purchase now with your item. Our store price for these superb Madam Crawley Charging Bags is $29.99. You can get yours for $14.99! Instructions and full description will be mailed to you. 4x6 Black Satin Bag. Hand Printed in Silver with the words "Madam Crawley's Charging Bag."

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This will allow you to TRANSFER all MAGICK from one Vessel to another. If you have a Spell-Cast or Entity-Cast piece of jewelry that doesn't fit you, is broken, or simply not your "favorite" to wear, you can TRANSFER all attached Spells, Entities (Djinn, Vampire, Faeries, etc.) to a different Vessel! You can Transfer to a ring, pendant, stone or anything that fits in the bag! You can use a Vessel that already has spells attached or one that doesn't. Maybe there's a piece of jewelry you own that has sentimental value to you! This is an INCREDIBLY useful item to own!! Because as always, we do the work for you so this procedure is practically effortless, and works 100% of the time :) Maybe you have a special ring or pendant that you want to be a MASTER Vessel for you. You can add ALL your spells and Entities to that one special piece of jewelry. Even Spells and Entities from other sellers. What is also wonderful, is that the ring that no longer holds the Spells/Entities will still be imbued with Luck and Protection, so they make for fantastic gifts to yourself and others :) You must be able to fit both items into the bag. Instructions will be mailed to you.
4x6 Purple Satin Bag. Hand Printed in Silver with the words "Madam Crawley's Transfer Bag."

For those of you unfamiliar with Madam Elizabeth Crawley--she is considered among the inner Magickal Circles (especially in Europe) as the utmost authority on all things paranormal. She is also a profound and ultra-talented Spell Caster. Madam Crawley can cast POWERFUL spells for just about anything. She is High Priestess of The Coven Of Union. Prior to Madam Crawley's assent to High Priestess, Mrs. McTavish held the position. Mrs. McTavish has since passed over, but we do have some of her Spell-Cast Vessels still available for interested Collectors. Madam Crawley lives in England and the pieces she sends me are mostly jewelry. Some new, some very old. We are Original Sellers of haunted and Spell-Cast items; our feedback and reputation has remained IMMACULATE over the 15 years we have been offering our services online! Every day I receive letters and emails from our happy customers telling us of huge lotto wins, massive business successes, loves won, boundaries broken, illnesses cured, and the list goes on and on and on!! I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world to be involved with this Magick and to be a vital instrument in getting this Magick to the right place. The Spells, Vessels and Customer Care you will receive are SUPERIOR!!! Our Customers are Chosen Ones. We know that Destiny has brought us together and you are of the utmost importance to us. This is why we go to all lengths to make sure you are thrilled and happy with your Magickals. We will do WHATEVER it takes!

Madam Crawley & The Coven do not want to charge a lot for these spells as it is VITAL to share their Magick with the ordinary folk who need it the most. Many of these Vessels are DESTINY Pieces, and are already chosen for you by fate; they already lay in your destiny's path and are simply waiting for you to collect them. This is VERY EXCITING MAGICK & VERY EXCITING TIMES. AND I AM SO THRILLED THAT WE HAVE FOUND EACH OTHER.

I've simply fallen in love with her with Madam Crawley and so will YOU. I've never met a more enlightened, generous and powerful lady in my whole life. Obviously she is very old, but treats life with so much joy and passion... She has truly taught me to see every day as a special miracle.
I have personally been privileged enough to witness Madam Crawley Spell-Casting first hand--the love, care and concentration she puts into it is completely AWE-INSPIRING. Madam Crawley is a Master at Lunar Phasing, Tarot, Herbs and all types of spell formations. She is a Medium, and Psychic, and a natural gifted and technically trained Witch. She HAS IT ALL! For so many years now I have witnessed and been the recipient of her WONDROUS MAGICK and I cannot express how honored, thrilled and completely MAGNETIZED I am by this BRILLIANT lady.
I do just want to say there is much more information available on Madam Crawley if you look through our other listings as well. You will find many accounts, and incidents in these descriptions. It's just too much data for me to go through and compile for now, but please do read the listings; they are not just about the items, but also have a lot of valuable information in them.

The Coven is always based in a rural part of England. It has recently been based in Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex. The Coven moves occasionally to maintain secrecy of actual location. The name COVEN OF UNION is a pseudonym, to protect the identity of those witches who choose to remain anonymous. The Coven Of Union is the "hub" of Europe's underground society of Wiccan and Pagan Magickal Arts. This includes White Magick (Wiccan) and Gray Magick (Pagan). Neither of these branches are related to Black Magick.

White Magick is the most pure and holistic form of Magick and has a beautiful settling effect on all who come in contact with it. It cleanses and aligns energies holistically. White Magick uses the recipients own energies and aligns and guides those energies with the required patterns to achieve harmony and the intended outcome of the spell.

Gray Magick is far older and more rare that White Magick. Pagan Magick originates thousands of years B.C. and was all but eradicated by the advent of Christianity. In the church's attempts to wipe out Paganism they took many of the Pagan Symbols and Deities and "Demonized" them. For instance the popular image of the Christian Devil is really a "Demonization" of the Pagan Horned God, Baphomet, who was not evil but a true Deity and worshiped for thousands of years as the male counterpart of the Mother Goddess.

The Coven Of Union is comprised of The Top Thirteen most accomplished, revered and talented Witches in Europe. Together they practice Pagan Grey Magick & Wiccan White Magick. These are the most qualified, caring and fascinating women you could ever wish to meet. I have witnessed their wonders first-hand, and cannot even express how excited I am that they requested me to share their Magick with you. THIS IS A VERY SPECIAL TIME.
For those of you unfamiliar with the coming of the New Age, it is also known as: The Golden Dawn. The world will be upturned, and everything will change. But don't fear, just remember, every time a door closes another one opens, and you'll be there, ready to walk through into the New Golden Age. YOUR TIME TO SHINE!!


FREE USA SHIPPING.  Recently International shipping cost doubled from $6.55 to $12.50 so we will now be splitting the cost with our International customers with a $6.55 International shipping fee. All Combined items will be FREE. 
Items will be shipped first class mail. I will do my best to get your item out within 48 hours of payment. Holidays and special occasions may cause a delay. Having said that, I often post the same day as payment.


One of the pictures we took during my last visit with Madam Crawley in England.

Please check our other listings to learn more! My father, now passed, was a treasure hunter, and Madam Crawley along with being an EXPERT SPELL-CASTER, is also a WORLD-CLASS MEDIUM. She has been asked to do readings on the pieces in my father's collection. I've simply fallen in love with Madam Crawley and you will, TOO! I've never met a more enlightened, generous and powerful lady in my whole life. She is VERY old, but treats life with so much joy and passion... She has truly taught me to see every day as a special miracle.

As for me--I take very much pride in what I am doing, and I consider myself blessed to be acquainted with such important figures in the Wiccan community. I package all the items carefully and treat my customers with total respect. This is a very serious venture to me--I KNOW Magic is real as it has played an enormous role in my life. I wish to share with the world the bounty of Magick that is available to those who seek it.

My name is Anna, please contact me if you have any questions  

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