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Beautiful, Valuable Stainless Steel Illuminati Ring. Size 10. There are 3 of these. 3 Fold Power Cast by the Entire Coven. But that's only the tip of the iceberg! Read on...

Tried tested and Proven to be 100% Effective! Does not need to be worn to experience the Magick. We also offer "Transfer Bags" to easily move Magick from one item to another. (See "Options" at checkout for discounts!) Paperwork will be mailed with the Vessel.



~~~Hermetic Order
Of The Golden Dawn~~~

Vessels SPELLCAST by:




The Secret Chiefs are said to be transcendent cosmic authorities responsible for the operation and moral caliber of the cosmos, or for overseeing the operations of an esoteric organization that manifests outwardly in the form of a magical order or lodge system. Their names and descriptions have varied through time, dependent upon those who reflect their experience of contact with them.

One early and influential source on these august entities is Karl von Eckartshausen, whose The Cloud Upon The Sanctuary, published in 1795, explained in some detail their character and motivations. Several 19th and 20th century occultists claimed to belong to or to have contacted these Secret Chiefs and made these communications known to others, including H.P. Blavatsky (who called them the "Tibetan Masters"), Dion Fortune (who called them the "esoteric order"), Max Heindel (who called them the "Elder Brothers").



This PHENOMENAL COLLECTION was obtained by Irel Flannery just before she died, then passed on to my Father for distribution. Some of the pieces are extremely old, some appear relatively newish. I have only recently been advised of the collection, and let me tell you... I AM BEYOND WORDS.. VERY, VERY EXCITED ABOUT IT. Madam Crawley had known of THE COLLECTIONS existence for along time, and had hinted and outright told me several times to search my Father's notes for anything on The GOLDEN DAWN. Finally I did (Sorry I waited so long) and HERE WE HAVE THEM!!

For those of you unfamiliar with the COMING OF THE NEW AGE, and the COMMITTEE, please read the following information on items cast for THE CHOSEN ONES. We have used the same description in items cast by Madam Crawley.


  A very important time in the evolvement of mankind is drawing close--it has been predicted in the stars, and is a well known astronomical FACT. NOW IS THE TIME OF PREPARATION for what is referred to as the Coming of the New Age, or Aquarian Age, (No one on this side has proof of the exact time, but certain powerful psychics and Wiccans have been informed that it is approaching fast.) Evidently Wiccans and Spiritualists around the world have been waiting for this Time Of Preparation, and the NEW COMING for a long, long time. 


For literally hundreds--even thousands--of years, special items have been being MAGICKALY prepared for THE CHOSEN ONES who will be taking their places as leaders amongst us. 
This may be LITERALLY:as in Governmental positions.

SPIRITUALLY: as in teachers and practitioners of various ESP Powers and Magickal Arts.

FINANCIALLY: as in business owners and individuals attaining great economic success through the means of Magick, thus eradicating the micro-sensibilities (selfish narrow mindedness) that we see in the Mega corporations of today.

And ARTISTICALLY: as in painters, writers, musicians, actors, etc. (i.e, our creative sector), producing highly visible works, created through channeling various deities, spirits and godly essences. This will be of huge inspirational value to other less evolved spirits and chosen ones alike.


Here is an example of how People of the New Order will begin to interact. For instance: Artists of great talent in today's market hardly ever get the financial backing or media exposure needed to infiltrate mainstream culture. But after the COMING OF THE NEW AGE this will change. Rapidly, important positions will be filled and decision making in businesses of all kinds will be made by other CHOSEN ONES (also known as LIKENED SOULS) and thus CHOSEN ONES OF EVERY ORDER will be infiltrating into all areas of our business and culture, recognizing and helping each other succeed in making a better world.


It has been predicted in every kind of religious and spiritual work since the days of Camelot. My Grandmother tells me there is a committee of NEW ORDER SPIRITS, on the other side whose job it is to begin orchestrating and over-seeing the COMING OF THE NEW AGE.


Age of Aquarius

"This age will be an age of splendor and of light, because it is the home of the Holy Breath; and the Holy Breath will testify anew for Christ, the Logos of the eternal Love." Levi H. Dowling (1844-1911)

Jesus was the one to announce the Age of Aquarius:
"a man will meet you carrying an earthen pitcher of
water; follow him into the house where he goes in"
(Luke 22:10; Mark 14:13.) The Last Supper was the
symbol of the future "unio mystica."

"So, now a New Age has started which is called the
Age of Aquarius, meaning the pitcher carrier of
spiritual holy water that is the work of Kundalini."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

What does Age of Aquarius mean?

"What lies ahead for Humanity? With all the problems we have, it's hard to believe our future is bright. Inflation and recession, environmental deterioration, diminishing resources, unrest and oppression in developing countries, and apathy, loneliness and lack of direction in developed ones all combine to severely cloud the horizon...

It may seem fantastic, but the signs in the heavens point to an extraordinary renewal in the years just ahead. If we recall some recent trends, this prospect doesn't seem so outlandish. It wasn't too long ago that we heard about the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, and about the revival of spirit among the new generation. We can still hear the echoes of John Kennedy's call to action and see the vision of Martin Luther King's dream. Before he and his dream were shot down in 1968, he said we as a people "would get to the promised land." The promise seems empty now, yet the planetary cycles support his prophecy. For what we discover when we examine these cycles is compelling evidence that a renaissance and a golden age is right around the corner." [1]

"You are probably familiar with the term New Age, and you may have heard or read about the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. This simply means that we are leaving one age (Pisces), and entering into a new one (Aquarius). This happens every two thousand years - the last one coinciding with the arrival of Christ.

What does this have to do with you? Well, it has quite a lot to do with you and everyone else on the planet. For a start, if you haven't already undergone any changes, you might be feeling the urge to change now, or you may be witnessing changes around you. Either way, you will certainly be aware that life on planet Earth seems to be going off the rails in one way or another.

This is characteristic of the changing of the Ages as people struggle to adapt to the new energies. You will also have noticed certain major developments - such as science, computers and technology, all of which are now forming the backbone of our society. UFO's, alternative medicine, astrology, vegetarianism and other subjects previously considered weird or cranky are growing rapidly in popularity, and are all subjects associated with the sign of Aquarius. These subjects will become more and more commonplace, and astrology and other 'mystical' methods of self-help and understanding will help people to become more in tune with their spiritual selves in preparation for the New Age.

People are already beginning to look within for the answers they seek, instead of outwards to money, possessions and other people. The more enlightened members of society will welcome the New Dawn with its emphasis on humanity, kindness, truth, spirituality and enlightenment." [2]

You also probably have heard the song, Age of Aquarius, "the one about the time when Jupiter aligns with Mars. Well, there's really more to it than that, as Jupiter and Mars align relatively often. What's really remarkable about this epoch is the powerful change that will sweep through our world, the shift in mood, action and intention that is already palpable. The estimated start date is thought to be sometime around the millennium, but, though its exact start date is contested among astrologers, astronomers, theologians and others, the effects of the Age of Aquarius have already been felt." [3]

The Age when everything becomes unified

"In the New Age we break free of centuries of false doctrines, destructive indoctrinations, absurd ideas, and children’s stories about God, education, medicine, and love. The corrupt foundations of false society crumble. This time of crises is not the signal of the end of the world. What comes is not the end, but the beginning. The dream humanity has lived for centuries ends and we awaken to a bright new day, a bright new way .

Now in the Age of Aquarius, everything becomes unified. All our differences, all our dualities mix together like the fragrances of a flower shop, with all of the different flowers adding their bouquet to the overall mix until they are inseparable. Each individual flower remains distinct and individual, each one’s fragrance is unique and discernible when you come up close to it, yet joined together in unity with the others in the wonderful mixture that is the smell of the shop.

Our individual worth comes from inside, from what we have inside, through our development, our evolution, and what we can give to society. Now our drastic differences dissolve and we integrate into the whole. We integrate and unify with the energy of the universe, with the great cosmic spirit.

Mystically, Aquarius signifies friendship. Friendship bursts upon us in its most elevated sense, in its most noble aspect — with understanding, collaboration, and fraternity. Love and friendship will have nothing to do with possessing or ego. The idea of love meaning "you belong to me" ends in the New Age. The thought of friends of convenience, friendship based on an ulterior motive such as business ends. Love and friendship based on anything other than pure love, the divine and pure love of God, changes the sentiment into a coin of exchange — you no longer have love or friendship because of who you are, but because of what you do or can do for me.

This is the era of peace, of unity, of love. The polarity of Aquarius, Leo, floods us with its complementary characteristics. The celestial throne of the Sun, Leo, encourages, ennobles, enriches, and enlightens us for the growth of our hearts, the growth of our inner beings. Together with Aquarius, Leo promotes the integration of our individuality with our unity with all humanity. We realize that we must first be something in and of ourselves to be something for others.

Under their combined influence, friendship with an agenda disappears into true fraternity, into pure unity. Then we can prepare ourselves for unity with the universal spirit. . . . In the Age of Aquarius, we break from the past to invent the future we desire in our society and in our person. The answers we find will be wholly new ones, totally original ones, but they require a thorough examination of what has been and what we wish to come. All our institutions as we know them must adapt to this new reality." [4]

This Golden Age is destined to synthesize all religious regimes and free the minds of ignorance and delusion forever. Once enlightened, each human being will begin his or her individual journey within, and strive to become the new race of super conscious humans awakening seekers of Truth and the eternal Spirit, healing peoples of many tongues and nations in the process. In this new millennium there will be no more falsehoods or derision, but spiritual living and third-eye vision. The Human Family is truly entering the Age of mystic revelations and the mind's true liberation which is broadly known as spiritualism or New Millennium Religion.


It is NOT about being a martyr--it is about being chosen to show JUST HOW WONDERFUL LIFE CAN REALLY BE. Expect wealth, health, happiness, and the fulfillment of all your dreams! In turn others will see your success, and your happiness will spill over into the collective consciousness.




As I already mentioned, for centuries
have been being prepared for this event. They are the most POWERFUL of MAGICKAL TOOLS, and will not go to lower level souls. These MAGICKAL TOOLS will be constantly MONITORED, ADAPTED AND RE-CHARGED from the other-side. To take claim of one of these pieces is AN EXTRAORDINARY PRIVILEGE, and the owner's life will change dramatically for the better. THE OWNERS OF THESE PIECES will have a WHOLE COMMITTEE of POWERFUL SPIRITS, WITCHES, FAERIES, ANGELS AND SPIRIT GUIDES, watching out over them. Today we offer you one of these amazing items. Do not wait. Act now and secure your future!


The winner of this AMAZING item will be mailed a Secret Invocation Verse along with the vessel. From therein YOU will be Officially seen by the SECRET CHIEFS and the other GUARDIAN SPIRITS AS ONE OF THE CHOSEN ONES! This Vessel packs a punch! Incredible Magick that will give you goosebumps and a full bank account!  Be a winner in every respect of the word!!! Small investment for this POWERFUL MAGICK! I can tell you this much... if it's true WEALTH you want, and by that I mean generational wealth that you are able to leave as a legacy to your family and loved ones for hundreds of years to come, then look no further. Your life will be rich and long, and satisfying in every way imaginable.. It is cast by a mysterious Coven of witches who are all pure at heart and white-natured, but also very rich and successful. Their Coven Priest has been gifted with the knowledge of the Knights Templar, and over a period of many years, this Vessel was cast with a most POWERFUL and SUPREME KNIGHT'S TEMPLAR PROTECTION SPELL. There are only a very few such Vessels. They are RARE BEYOND COMPARE!! This spell will protect you from evil forces, and keep you safely in the light. It will also bring great fortune and success. So this Vessel on its own, even before the Golden Dawn Spells, is more valuable than you can imagine. I say don't wait any longer... own this piece now. You'll never regret it!!! Full of energy and spells cast by the SECRET CHIEFS themselves to make ALL OF YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE. DO NOT WAIT TO CLAIM YOURS... WHEN THEY'RE GONE, THEY'RE GONE! There is much destiny involved in these Magickals and only the true Chosen Ones will find themselves able to win and take possession of these items.
Yes, you may have more than one (A common question I am asked about our spirit bound items) If you are one of the CHOSEN FEW, there are no limits to what you are "allowed". The more powerful and happy you become, the better for all of us... Good Luck and Many Blessings. Anna

~~~ OPTIONS ~~~
These are the Special OPTIONS available for you to choose from. You will see the Options Section at the top when you add this Vessel to your shopping cart.

You now have the option of Madam Crawley CUSTOM ALIGNING the Vessel to "fit you like a glove!" She will fully tune and align the spell to match your exact vibrations and aura. This Vessel is of the highest caliber imaginable, and this extra little touch will send its Magick into Turbo-Charged! A TOTAL FINE TUNING OF ENERGIES! The result will be FASTER Magick! This is completely exciting to me, and the first thing I did when I heard about this was send a whole SLEW of my own Magickals to her for Personalized Energy Alignment! This type of Personal Energy Alignment would cost a small fortune elsewhere.
You will see the option when you go to add the Vessel to your shopping cart. We will need your FULL NAME, DATE & PLACE OF BIRTH. (Please add this info to the "QUESTIONS" box while confirming your order.)
The Alignment is only $29.99. Basically a Give Away Price! Please note, Madam Crawley is very diligent and conscientious in her spell casting. She is offering this service as a "REMOTE" option which means it won't hold up the delivery of your item. Plus, you can also choose to have it done later, or on previously purchased items.

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You can only get this Special HALF-PRICE offer if you purchase now with your item. Our store price for these superb Madam Crawley Charging Bags is $29.99. You can get yours for $14.99! Instructions and full description will be mailed to you. 4x6 Black Satin Bag. Hand Printed in Silver with the words "Madam Crawley's Charging Bag."

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This will allow you to TRANSFER all MAGICK from one Vessel to another. If you have a Spell-Cast or Entity-Cast piece of jewelry that doesn't fit you, is broken, or simply not your "favorite" to wear, you can TRANSFER all attached Spells, Entities (Djinn, Vampire, Faeries, etc.) to a different Vessel! You can Transfer to a ring, pendant, stone or anything that fits in the bag! You can use a Vessel that already has spells attached or one that doesn't. Maybe there's a piece of jewelry you own that has sentimental value to you! This is an INCREDIBLY useful item to own!! Because as always, we do the work for you so this procedure is practically effortless, and works 100% of the time :) Maybe you have a special ring or pendant that you want to be a MASTER Vessel for you. You can add ALL your spells and Entities to that one special piece of jewelry. Even Spells and Entities from other sellers. What is also wonderful, is that the ring that no longer holds the Spells/Entities will still be imbued with Luck and Protection, so they make for fantastic gifts to yourself and others :) You must be able to fit both items into the bag. Instructions will be mailed to you.
4x6 Purple Satin Bag. Hand Printed in Silver with the words "Madam Crawley's Transfer Bag."

For those of you unfamiliar with Madam Elizabeth Crawley--she is considered among the inner Magickal Circles (especially in Europe) as the utmost authority on all things paranormal. She is also a profound and ultra-talented Spell Caster. Madam Crawley can cast POWERFUL spells for just about anything. She is High Priestess of The Coven Of Union. Prior to Madam Crawley's assent to High Priestess, Mrs. McTavish held the position. Mrs. McTavish has since passed over, but we do have some of her Spell-Cast Vessels still available for interested Collectors. Madam Crawley lives in England and the pieces she sends me are mostly jewelry. Some new, some very old. We are Original Sellers of haunted and Spell-Cast items; our feedback and reputation has remained IMMACULATE over the 15 years we have been offering our services online! Every day I receive letters and emails from our happy customers telling us of huge lotto wins, massive business successes, loves won, boundaries broken, illnesses cured, and the list goes on and on and on!! I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world to be involved with this Magick and to be a vital instrument in getting this Magick to the right place. The Spells, Vessels and Customer Care you will receive are SUPERIOR!!! Our Customers are Chosen Ones. We know that Destiny has brought us together and you are of the utmost importance to us. This is why we go to all lengths to make sure you are thrilled and happy with your Magickals. We will do WHATEVER it takes!

Madam Crawley & The Coven do not want to charge a lot for these spells as it is VITAL to share their Magick with the ordinary folk who need it the most. Many of these Vessels are DESTINY Pieces, and are already chosen for you by fate; they already lay in your destiny's path and are simply waiting for you to collect them. This is VERY EXCITING MAGICK & VERY EXCITING TIMES. AND I AM SO THRILLED THAT WE HAVE FOUND EACH OTHER.

I've simply fallen in love with her with Madam Crawley and so will YOU. I've never met a more enlightened, generous and powerful lady in my whole life. Obviously she is very old, but treats life with so much joy and passion... She has truly taught me to see every day as a special miracle.
I have personally been privileged enough to witness Madam Crawley Spell-Casting first hand--the love, care and concentration she puts into it is completely AWE-INSPIRING. Madam Crawley is a Master at Lunar Phasing, Tarot, Herbs and all types of spell formations. She is a Medium, and Psychic, and a natural gifted and technically trained Witch. She HAS IT ALL! For so many years now I have witnessed and been the recipient of her WONDROUS MAGICK and I cannot express how honored, thrilled and completely MAGNETIZED I am by this BRILLIANT lady.
I do just want to say there is much more information available on Madam Crawley if you look through our other listings as well. You will find many accounts, and incidents in these descriptions. It's just too much data for me to go through and compile for now, but please do read the listings; they are not just about the items, but also have a lot of valuable information in them.

The Coven is always based in a rural part of England. It has recently been based in Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex. The Coven moves occasionally to maintain secrecy of actual location. The name COVEN OF UNION is a pseudonym, to protect the identity of those witches who choose to remain anonymous. The Coven Of Union is the "hub" of Europe's underground society of Wiccan and Pagan Magickal Arts. This includes White Magick (Wiccan) and Gray Magick (Pagan). Neither of these branches are related to Black Magick.

White Magick is the most pure and holistic form of Magick and has a beautiful settling effect on all who come in contact with it. It cleanses and aligns energies holistically. White Magick uses the recipients own energies and aligns and guides those energies with the required patterns to achieve harmony and the intended outcome of the spell.

Gray Magick is far older and more rare that White Magick. Pagan Magick originates thousands of years B.C. and was all but eradicated by the advent of Christianity. In the church's attempts to wipe out Paganism they took many of the Pagan Symbols and Deities and "Demonized" them. For instance the popular image of the Christian Devil is really a "Demonization" of the Pagan Horned God, Baphomet, who was not evil but a true Deity and worshiped for thousands of years as the male counterpart of the Mother Goddess.

The Coven Of Union is comprised of The Top Thirteen most accomplished, revered and talented Witches in Europe. Together they practice Pagan Grey Magick & Wiccan White Magick. These are the most qualified, caring and fascinating women you could ever wish to meet. I have witnessed their wonders first-hand, and cannot even express how excited I am that they requested me to share their Magick with you. THIS IS A VERY SPECIAL TIME.
For those of you unfamiliar with the coming of the New Age, it is also known as: The Golden Dawn. The world will be upturned, and everything will change. But don't fear, just remember, every time a door closes another one opens, and you'll be there, ready to walk through into the New Golden Age. YOUR TIME TO SHINE!!

FREE USA SHIPPING.  Recently International shipping cost doubled from $6.55 to $12.50 so we will now be splitting the cost with our International customers with a $6.55 International shipping fee. All Combined items will be FREE. 
Items will be shipped first class mail. I will do my best to get your item out within 48 hours of payment. Holidays and special occasions may cause a delay. Having said that, I often post the same day as payment.


One of the pictures we took during my last visit with Madam Crawley in England.

Please check our other listings to learn more! My father, now passed, was a treasure hunter, and Madam Crawley along with being an EXPERT SPELL-CASTER, is also a WORLD-CLASS MEDIUM. She has been asked to do readings on the pieces in my father's collection. I've simply fallen in love with Madam Crawley and you will, TOO! I've never met a more enlightened, generous and powerful lady in my whole life. She is VERY old, but treats life with so much joy and passion... She has truly taught me to see every day as a special miracle.

As for me--I take very much pride in what I am doing, and I consider myself blessed to be acquainted with such important figures in the Wiccan community. I package all the items carefully and treat my customers with total respect. This is a very serious venture to me--I KNOW Magic is real as it has played an enormous role in my life. I wish to share with the world the bounty of Magick that is available to those who seek it.

My name is Anna, please contact me if you have any questions  

Read a few of our AMAZING feedbacks!
Most of our clientele are repeat customers.

Please be sure to come back and leave us feedback. Thank you and Many Blessings!


A GREAT SECRET HAS BEEN REVEALED. PLEASE READ ON TO UNDERSTAND THE MAGNITUDE OF THIS REVELATION. Recently passed to the other side of the veil: the GREAT Irish DRUIDESS ("Ban-Draoi") known as Irél Flannery. Evidently my father took hold of all her worldly possessions only to discover the legendary "Blue Bottle." Irél Flannery was the only know descendant of the famous BIDDY EARLY who used the "Blue Bottle" TO CAST NUMEROUS DOCUMENTED MIRACLES.

Along with the "Blue Bottle" we found a selection of AMAZING pieces all cast with the DEEPEST, STRONGEST MOST INCREDIBLE MAGICK IMAGINABLE!!!! Irél Flannery used the "Blue Bottle" to cast these pieces with OTHERWORLDLY SPELLS. The kind of Magick that has been long forgotten in the realm of today's witches.

Please read about Biddy Early and the "Blue Bottle" below. Or at very least google her to see the history of this most Powerful and Reputable Witch.

Born in 1798 in Faha, Kilanena, Biddy O’Connor was the daughter of a poor farming family. At sixteen, she was sent to Feakle to work as a servant girl and later to Kilbarron to work for a doctor Dunne. It was necessary for Biddy to go into service at such a young age so as to help her family survive in such hard times.

It was in Kilbarron that she married one Pat O'Malley, and the couple had one child, a daughter. Pat was to die however after a few short years of marriage who sadly died when their only child Tom was only eight years old. It was about the time of this husband’s death that the first story of Biddy’s magical powers occurs. Biddy being unable to pay the rent to the local landlord because of her husband's death and the expense of rearing her young son, was served with an eviction notice. The night before the eviction was to take place her dead husband Tom visited her and told her that when the police arrived the following day to tell them to : Stay where you are, and they would leave and return no more. Thus the following day when they arrived, Biddy said the words her husband had told her to say and the five policemen and sheriff were stuck to the roadside for two hours being unable to move. After two hours Biddy told them to go away and never return, and the lock which Biddy had put on them was broken and they ran off with their tails between their legs never to bother this lady and her magical powers ever again.

Of all the tales of Biddy’s magical powers none were so fascinating as her “Blue Bottle” with which it was said she could see the future as well as gain access to magical powers from beyond. Her son Tom died as a young man, but being worried about how his poor widowed mother would survive now that he was dead, Tom returned from the dead, to give her this magical “Blue Bottle”. He told her: “Take this mother and it will make a living for you”, and this bottle did indeed make her a living. People from all over the country were to seek Biddy’s predictions for the future which were said to be amazingly accurate down to the last detail. She cast spells and charmed objects for people and was never poor again. It was also said that if a weary traveler was coming many miles to meet Biddy, she would see him coming in the bottle and meet him halfway.

Biddy was visited also, for her great healing potions which it was said healed most ailments. Biddy had a well at the side of her house, the water from which possessed the most magical powers, and if given with her consent could cure a person of any affliction. Animals were of enormous importance, the death of a cow or pig could mean failure to pay rent and the death of a working horse could mean destitution. In this time of no vets, Biddy was relied upon to cure the most serious of animal ailments of which it was said she could cure very effectively with a drop of water from her well, one of her potions, or her miraculous Blue Bottle. Biddy, not being a selfish woman, did not make a great fortune from her powers, she only accepted a jug of poiteen or whiskey, or perhaps some food for her services, but she was well cherished and looked after by all those around her. It was said that never was a tired traveler turned from her door and many a passer-by was given a jug and a seat in front of her warm fire.

Another great power which Biddy is accredited with her ability to talk to and cure the wrath of the Fairies. People used to come to her who had been bewitched by the “little people”. One man had his entire herd of cattle cursed by the fairies and they all became violently ill. On the advice of one of his friends he went to see Biddy. After looking into her bottle, she saw the problem. He had planted a whitethorn bush along a fairy path in his field. She instructed him to go home and remove the bush. As soon as he had done this, his entire herd immediately returned to full health.

It is said by some that Biddy had six husbands, of this we can not be sure, but we know she had at least three, the last being a man less than half her age. A man called O’Brien from Limerick visited her who was close to death and asked her to cure him. She said she would only if he married her to which he agreed, and after he recovered the couple were married. She died in April 1874. Her magical bottle was never seen after her death and it has been said that she only had a loan of the bottle from the fairies who took it back on her death.


Can you almost taste what it would be like to live the life-style of the extremely wealthy?
Can you almost feel what it would be like to live a life of super success and to always have luck on your side?
Can you visualize what it would be like to posses super-normal powers beyond the scope of the average Everyday Joe?
Does part of you think it's not possible, while another part screams--Yes, I do believe there's more. I want it, and I know it's meant for me!
I am here to tell you my friend that you are a Seeker, you are here on this page now because of Magick and that is why you are reading these words.
It is no accident that you have come across this page and that we are communicating now... this moment in time. You are seeking Magick. The Hilton family, Trump, Gates, and many, many others know something that you are just starting to see. Magick is the answer. The time of Magickal prophecies is fast approaching, and the fact that you are here NOW, is no coincidence. You have been given a very special opportunity. You! Yes You sitting there looking into your computer screen. You have been guided to this moment in time. You are about to become part of the most Magickal and Privileged group of people on this planet. If these words mean nothing to you, then you are not a true Seeker, and you may leave now. Possibly in the future you will be ready. But if you choose to stay, then Your time has come. Congratulations. Watch Professor Richmond's Auctions closely, because your piece will be here. When you see it, it will call to you, and you will know without a shadow of a doubt that you and IT are destined to unite and that your dreams are ready to come true.
Let me tell you a little about myself and my father,
the great Professor Richmond:
My father was born English, and my mother is half Native American. My brother Michael and myself were raised mostly in California, although we spent some childhood years traveling England, Egypt and the Far East with my father, whom you will soon learn all about!
Other than these few trips, which were very low key and purely research expeditions, he was mostly absent in our lives. When I was seven my father and mother divorced. He would send us cards at Christmas and on our birthdays, but they would always be postmarked from some foreign and obscure country. Later we were allowed to understand why this separation was necessary. Professor Richmond was a man dealing with forces so powerful and dangerous, that he could not dare involve us.
My first sight of Real Powerful Magick was when he sent home a ring for my mother. I instinctively knew it was different from the others she wore. It was very old, and it would shine at strange times even when the lights were off. After the arrival of the ring, Mom always seemed to have money to spare, and Grandma who had been getting very senile and shaky, suddenly seemed to be much better. She looked and seemed younger and was now able to care for us again when Mom went out. I remember thinking, wow, Grandma can read us our bedtime story without her glasses. That's weird!
My Mother suddenly invested in a certain stock, which went through the roof, and we became very wealthy indeed all because of the Magick she wore on her finger. Eventually my Mother re-married, although she was always in communication with my father. When we were old enough to understand, she explained that he was a man on a Quest. A man of Obsession and a man who faced constant dangers in his life. He was known as a Treasure Hunter, but I've come to learn that this is a very superficial description of my father. True, he had many friends in high places (Royalty, Aristocrats, Witches, Warlocks, Psychics, and families such as the Hiltons and the Rockerfellers), all of whom he helped. But my father believed more strongly than anyone that Magick needed to be shared amongst every level of society, and That is what His Legacy is all about!
An interesting side note that I'm quite proud of: Here in California, my father used a Magickal Talisman acquired from a Powerful Warlock to help a certain up-start director who went on to become Incredibly Famous. The director created some of the most fabulous and Magickal movies of our time, including a series of 3 adventure movies based loosely on my father's life.
Also, in the early years my father lectured at various Universities and Institutions. He was: Professor of Parapsychology, Mythology, Egyptology, Medieval Literature and the Occult Sciences at UCLA. He was a hugely prominent paranormal investigator, and was involved in the 1974 experiments with Carllota Moran and her house in Culver City, CA. These true events were later turned into a movie called the Entity.
The Great Professor Richmond did have a few detractors who believed that because he was an incredibly rich and powerful man that he was in it solely for his own gain. I would like to put the record straight, right now! It wasn't the riches he accumulated that drove his passion, but moreover, the Idea of Magick itself. The Art of it, the Spirituality, the Awe of being proven to, over and over, that Yes, Magick is absolutely Real. Beyond a shadow of a doubt. As real as the earth, the sky, the shoes he put on his feet every morning. Eventually this "Calling" had him scouring the globe collecting and securing the most Powerful Magick known to man. But, his final goal was This moment in time when all the artifacts he had acquired would find their rightful spiritual owners. The Magick is ready to be Shared, to be distributed amongst the True Seekers.
Now, here "I " am, thrown into this unimaginable situation!
When my father passed on early last year, we were visited by his lawyer. We were
informed that we'd inherited an estate (and it's entire contents!) along with some 100 acres of land in a secluded region near Baden-Baden, Germany close to the Black Forest. There is an ancient Holy structure on the land that is built on an extremely powerful white-energy vortex. It's been depicted in sacred literature and is obviously why my father chose this area to store and protect these Rare Magickal pieces.
When we walked through the door of our father's estate it was as though we'd walked into some bizarre haunted museum. He was also an archeologist of sorts, and we were immediately greeted by stacks and stacks of boxes filled with fossils, bones, ancient tribal masks, clay pots, you name it. Leading off from the main hallway is a strange maze of rooms filled with treasures and oddities...but the Magickal Pieces were under lock and key behind a huge old oak door at the very end of the house. I swear to you, the overwhelming aura, energy, sheer power and "actual visible light" emanating from behind that wooden door was enough to make us both want to turn and run. The hairs on our arms and necks shot up-right, and quite honestly, haven't come down much since!

A portion of all proceeds from these listings will go to worthy charities, but the largest percentage will go (per our father's wishes), to a special Fund established with the goal of educating people around the world on the truth of the Paranormal. Including: Life Magick, Orgone Energy, Divination, Mediumship, Re-incarnation, ESP, Other Dimensional Life-forms, Extraterrestrial Life-forms, and all the other supernatural and Magickal properties inherent in our nature--the knowledge of which is presently (and deliberately) being kept from us.
Most of the things have been vaulted away now, as should the exact location of their whereabouts be discovered, it would surely trigger frantic activity from Occultists, and Magickal Practitioners/collectors alike. Let me assure you, there are many, many extremely powerful and rich families and individuals who got where they are today through different forms of Magick, and they understand the Power and Necessity of owning these pieces. I have witnessed this power first hand, and I know the value=Priceless.
But as I stated before, my father, the Great Professor Richmond (as documented in his will) demands that the Magickal items Not go to these few already powerful people. Now is the time of the Seeker. If you are still reading this, then you are either a person of great power and Magick looking to hoard even more; or a person who is Seeking. Someone who still has great ambitions, needs and desires to fulfill. A person who is white-of-heart, and is willing to share their abundance to help create a better world for us all to live in.
Good luck to you, and Blessed be.
I would like to share with you some of the fantastic emails and letters I have received.
    Hi there,
    Sorry to bother you again. Just have to tell what happened. I see the genie already . I do like you say only i not expect anything right away. After i get home from work i see cloud or like mist in corner of room. i go to it even though i am scared kind of and i see the face. i ask for better job than have. i been working cleaning in bakery now to long. Next day i go in and Hamond my boss say he leaving and i get his job. so good now i get double money before. i try and think what else to ask for. i very exciting. thank to you for everything. i send you gift to show how please and grateful. thank again
    JT (friend)
    Dear A, I can't begin to describe my last week since I got the Ring of Yolan. I can't even believe the way I can see things so clearly now. You were right about saying being able to see into the future is amazing and beyond comprehension. That's exactly how I feel. I've already seen so many things. I feel enlightened and just wanted to write and let you know that I will cherish this ring and keep the ring safe forever as you requested in your very lovely letter you sent.
    Andria P
    Hello Anna,
    My name is Dr. John Glass. I am writing this letter to tell you that I am beyond words! This is very usual for me since I do many lectures and what-not, and hardly ever suffer from being "speechless". Not so long ago my mother bought one of your items. To be precise, a small bottle which was supposedly to contain an "entity" (as you put it) from the other-side. Now, I am a man of science and was very against my Mother purchasing this item. We actually had a very heated argument about this. Now I am changed. I can not believe what has happened. My Mother is now a RICH WOMAN. I've always willingly supported her financially but now she has more money than I do!!! She won $2,599,433 on the Pennsylvania Lottery. I am completely stunned. Plus several other things have happened that I can find no reasonable explanation for. Other than wanting to say I'm sorry for not believing, I also want to inquire to see if you have any other such items that I may purchase myself. Here is my phone number, (---------removed for privacy) please call or email me back with your ideas. I am very serious about this and wish to thank you in advance.
    Dr. J Glass
    Hi again,
    Thank you for everything. Got the bracelet 2 day ago and waited till now to be sure. Everything has changed. I saw the bracelet glowing like you said I might. I was very frightened because I haven't ever seen anything do supernatural before. Can't wait to wish for stuff. I'm going to wait till I think of something really good. Oh yeah nearly forgot to tell you that when i put it on I got this really weird feeling like I was full of power or something. It weren't my imagination because you didn't even say that. Must be some added thing. I tell you later what happens. Thanks for being so kind and for giving me this chance.
    R. Jacobs
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